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The founders of NVK GmbH Norddeutsches Versicherungskontor are a management team with decade-long experience in the insurance business. NVK’s strong points are their extensive knowledge of many different areas of assurance and risk management, quality- and service-orientation as well as straightforward in-house and external communication. With our know-how and entrepreneurial way of thinking we are aiming at a balanced growth of our company.

We orientate ourselves exclusively to the wishes and goals of our customers. Because long-term relationships with our partners are important to us. Our target are middle-market companies in the fields of industry, trade and service.

Thanks to a combination of specialist knowledge, excellent contacts to risk-bearers at home and abroad, associationes and scientific institutes we are able guarantee to insurance solutions relating railway business, the sports and leisure industry and companies with branch networks.

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NVK GmbH Norddeutsches Versicherungskontor

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